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I asked Halle to put her socks and shoes on, and ten minutes later this is what I found...

...two bare feet and a sock puppet. So close.


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I started running again today. The two longest miles of my life! It felt like it took forever! It was a beautiful day, light breeze, and Lonny was home early, so I laced up and took off.

I had my iPod going and the first song was "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen. Now if you are unfamiliar with Queen's music/lyrics, you should quickly start listening to this amazing group from the '70s, but don't judge me if any of it offends you. (I've never been good at recognizing the true meaning behind lyrics, and you know how the '70s were... so seriously I'm sorry if any of it offends you) But, my dad taught me well, and I LOVE Queen. However, when it comes to motivational lyrics to get you running to lose baby weight, hearing Freddie Mercury praising girls with fat bottoms (they "make the rockin' world go round" don't you know?) doesn't make this fat bottomed girl want to run faster, farther, or...at all, really. However, I looked deep into my memory and remembered how much I enjoyed it last spring/summer when I was a few pounds lighter and had worked up my endurance so that it was actually fun.
(Amanda and me after the Bear Lake 1/2 marathon...smiling!)

So I kept running. And moved to the next song.

I hear "Bicycle Race" also by Queen. I'm moving slowly and haven't even reached the half mile mark when I hear, "I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike." And I'm thinking, "Oh, it's true! I would so rather be on my bike right now!" But I continue...and switch the song again, still listening to Queen I hear, "Don't Stop Me Now". Ahh, much better. A truly wonderful running song for those who are looking for something new. My favorite song, and the one I tried to listen to at the end of my long runs is "Defying Gravity" from the Wicked soundtrack. LOVE IT!!!
As much as I love Queen, it might be time to update the iPod to something that distracts me a bit more from running, until I get my groove back.

Any suggestions are welcome...what works for you?

Jorie's Blessing

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We blessed Miss Jorie Louise yesterday and were so grateful to have so many family and friends who could make it. Also, for the priesthood in our families. We are so blessed. Jorie was perfectly quiet during her blessing, which Lonny did a beautiful job giving.
It was altogether a wonderful day.

Four generations: Jorie being held by her Great-Grandma and Grandpa Kunz

Big sister Halle and the whole Kunz side

Jorie with Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Keith

OK. If you think Jorie doesn't look like Halle, may I offer a reminder...
These first 2 are Jorie...

...and these last 2 are Halle.

Does it blow your mind? Sisters for sure. It helps that they are in the same blessing dress just with different headbands. Jorie wore the blessing booties I wore when I was blessed. Such sweet little feet :)

Dumpster Diving...

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I have found I have a lot of time to think during the times I wake up to feed Jorie in the night...at least during the times I don't zonk out too quickly. The other night, the thought occurred to me that one of the meals that was brought to us after we had the baby (a chicken pot pie), was in a tin pie plate, a real, non-disposable pie plate...and I...uh, disposed of it. When the sweet woman in our ward brought it, she had already frozen it and gave it to us to use later. Which is totally the way to go, because so many meals were brought as soon as the baby was born, I was glad to not have to cook in the future when the leftovers were gone. So, we cooked it recently and I remember thinking, "Oh that's nice that she brought it in a disposable tin pan so neither she nor I have to worry about getting the plate back to her". So why did I turn frantic in the middle of the night thinking the pan was actually a real pan? you ask. Well, I realized that I never truly inspected the pan after the food was out of it to make sure it was actually disposable. We finished and I threw it away without a second thought. So, here it was, the middle of the night, and I was making myself sick thinking about having thrown away someone else's cookware. I thought, ok, worst case scenario, the pan is still at least in the garbage outside and I can get it out. And if it is still no good I will buy her a new pie pan...ooh a glass one, and I will ask Amanda to help me etch her name in the bottom, and then she'll be able to use it again to be the compassionate woman she is and give other people food and those people will know that it is hers and they will give it back and no one has to worry ever again!!! (the thoughts were moving at increasingly fast speeds and getting more and more exciting and turned into very long run-on sentences, just like the way I typed it ;)
Even so, I put the baby back to bed and went into the kitchen to...rummage a bit through the garbage, just hoping it wasn't already in the outside trash can. No luck. Krikey. OK. In the morning I will get the pan out of the dumpster.

So, morning came and I waited until most of the neighbors were off to work and the school buses weren't driving by until I pulled the first bag out of the garbage. There were only 2 bags in there, so 50% chance it was in the more recent bag. I brought the foul thing inside my kitchen and while wearing rubber gloves, started moving stuff from the nasty bag to a new bag, thinking to myself, "Holy crap (literally) we are going through TONS of diapers!" and "Who the heck has been snacking on all these bananas! Oh yeah, banana splits, every night, for about 4 nights. I guess I contributed to these nasty peels." Then finally reached the bottom....and....no pan. I didn't realize it had been so many days since we finished that meal! So, time to switch bags. I went back out to the garbage with the first bag, and looked in. If I had so much as GLANCED at the other bag while grabbing the first, I would have seen that the pan was right at the top of the tied bag, practically screaming at me. So I pulled bag #2 out of the garbage, pulled the pan out of the bag, and do I really need to say it? It was disposable.

Moral of the story: When you are awake in the middle of the night and have been awake 3-4 times a night for a month, completely disregard every thought that flows through your cloudy little brain. This should help you avoid finding yourself elbow deep in wet diapers and banana peels.